Thursday, September 21, 2017

Reasons Why The Heavenly Kingdom Is The Best For Humans

Every successful government must be fully able to address the problems faced by its subjects. It is, however, regrettable to know that the various forms of government have failed as humans in their attempt to arrest their maladies. Humans have tried autocracy, democracy and other forms of governance, but all of them have not been able to hit the needy spot of mankind. Thus, clearly outspoken, humans cannot govern themselves because we were not given that responsibility by our creator. Humans back then in the Garden of Eden were assigned the task of taking care of the somehow lesser agents, the animal kingdom. As for governance, it was entrusted to the mighty and able hands of our creator.
It is true that human governments over the years have tried in their quest to improve the livelihood of their subjects. For example, some governments to some degree provide food security, quality health care, employment, road networks and other sensitive needs for its people. Yet, human governments have failed in its attempt to rid our earth completely of war, famine, sickness, unemployment, corruption, violence, and the fearful end of man, death. Thus, many people believe are beyond the capabilities of humans and it is perfectly right. Imperfect as we are, we have limitations in connection with what we can do.
However, God is all-powerful, loving and ever ready to address the ills of humans very soon. Through the Messianic kingdom of His son, Jesus Christ, He has made plans to reverse things as they were before our first parents, Adam and Eve trashed humans into the cold arms and slavery of sin and death. Why is this heavenly kingdom that will soon govern the entire world the best government for humans? Every good government must have charismatic and trustworthy leaders. Jesus Christ being the king of the heavenly kingdom is loving, kind and truthful in all his ways. In fact, we can vouch his remarkable traits by his dealings while he walked the earth in the Holy book, the Bible. The team or members of parliament who rules with him are loyal worshippers with integrity and understand the pains of humans!
Moreover, due to the surpassing power of Jesus Christ, he will put to rest the challenging woes of humans like famine, sicknesses, and even death! While on earth, he carried out these tasks with ease and love. Wicked people who are corrupt and make our world a difficult place to live in will be destroyed forever and humans will not need to quake with fear at night or when walking in an isolated region. God's heavenly kingdom promises a land of peace, good citizenry, satisfying employment and personal shelter for all.
These and many other reasons underscore why the heavenly kingdom surpasses all forms of human governments and is the best antidote for satisfying every desire of mankind. Thus, we need to lead good moral lives according to the principles and laws of our loving creator as spelled out in His word that gives the greatest comfort, the Bible. As we await this glamorous kingdom, let us vigorously campaign for it to others through the work of preaching to enlighten all and sundry about the marvelous heavenly kingdom and what it will do for mankind. Doing this has a stake in our own survival. In fact, there is no form of government that can ever come close to the heavenly kingdom that man awaits!

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