Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Teaching Children About God Through Christian Meditation

As Christian adults we may have come to embrace the practice of Christian meditation into our daily lives but lets not forget the impact this practice can have on children of all ages.
Christian meditation and learning to be still before God can teach children patience, how to experience God, how to quiet their minds, and how to control the types of thoughts they think. It can empower them to take more control over their lives by teaching them that their thoughts become their realities and if they want to attract good and positive outcomes it begins with what is going on in their heads.
Through Christian meditation, as well as positive scripture affirmations, we can teach our children about God's love, power, and purpose in for their lives. We can also build up and keep their self esteem high when they hear messages like, I am important to God, I am created in God's image, I have a purpose in life, or With faith and patience I can do anything.
My grandson is only 2 years old but each time he sleeps or naps at my house I play the Christian meditation Cd titled Bedtime Blessings and Affirmations for Young Children. He may only be 2 years old but if he listens to these regularly each time he falls off to sleep before long they will be subplanted in his mind and he will hear them over and over while he sits in school or when he is facing a difficult task.
Studies show that it is the first 4-5 years of a child's life that shapes his development and outlook of the world around him. I can attest to this as a teacher but even on a more personal level. At about 1 years old I purchased the Your Baby Can Read for my grandson. Everyday we played the fun and interactive videos. Sometimes he would look at the video, sometimes he wouldn't. Now my grandson Tyler is 26 months old and he can read dozens of words off flash cards, yet he can barely talk.
Tyler is so excited about reading. He loves playing with his flash cards and telling everyone the words. By the time he is in school he will be reading real books. I can't be more overjoyed and I expect him to excel in school.
Now just imagine the word of God and positive spiritual messages being played over and over our children's minds. Just like Your Baby Can Read, these messages will also be subplanted, take root, and grow.
But in additional to hearing positive messages, I believe that teaching our children to be still before God will have a profound effect on their relationship with Christ if we teach them to get quiet before God and to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. I want to reinforce to my grandson that God spirit lives in Him and if he follows the still small voice God, He will lead him through life, navigate through problems, and find his purpose.

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