Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Christian Ethics - Grounded in the Character of God

Christian ethics is in harmony with theology. A Christian places ethics in a moral order revealed by the divine creator though both general and special revelation. And he knows that this order is the only true source of morality. For a Christian, the moral order is as real as the physical order, some would say more real. (2nd Corinthians 4:18).
Relativism and our common Moral Heritage
Christian ethics in one sense is simply an expansion in a moral order that is generally revealed to all men. The general view of the ethical sense itself and the similarities within the norms of diverse cultures suggests a common moral heritage for all mankind which materialism or naturalism cannot explain.
Without a standard, there could be no justice, without an ethical absolute, there could be no morality, therefore one can conclude that some moral absolute exist outside of man.
This absolute standard outside of man is apparent throughout mankind's entire attitude toward morality. And even the secular man who believes in relative morality will agree that justice; love and courage are always moral hence suggesting that certain values of judgments are universal to all mankind.
Christian morality flows from the nature of the creator through the nature of created things. It is not meant to create difficulties for mankind. But the simple formula is this, God does not tolerate evil and since He is holy, we must act the same way in order to be connect to Him. Remember, we do need Him and the Christian ethics relies on God and His word for the full explanation of the moral order.
The Christian Response to secular ethics
For the Christian, morality is a lifestyle for glorifying God. So the now created "new morality" by some thoughts, beliefs, and ethical theories is just an excuse to do as one pleases under the cover of morality and man should have learned that the repercussion of such is death. Schaeffer insists that there must be an absolute if there is to be a moral order and real values. For the Christian, God is the Ultimate and only source of morality, anything asides that is blasphemy. So therefore, the Christian should be aware of all the false beliefs of secular ethics so that he can avoid the inconsistencies of unfounded ethical ideas. All secular ethical codes are deviations of God's code and should be recognized as such.
Christian ethics and special relativism
Absolutes are revealed to Man in the Bible, giving adequate specific values and guidelines to have a sense of what is right and what is wrong on all situations. In which the Ten Commandments is the most obvious, it also gives us every details of Jesus Christ so as to give us a better understanding of the implications of this order.
The combinations of the ethical exhortations in the Sermon on the Mount and the ethical pronouncements of the Old Testament create a very specific ethical order. And most of all, Christians have the perfect role model to dictate the proper moral course of action: Jesus Christ, as revealed to mankind in the Bible. From all these, man can never excuse himself for doing wrong because he has not been told what is morally correct.
Responsibility in Christian Ethics
"Love the Lord your God with all your Heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with your entire mind, and love your neighbor as yourself (Luke10:27). Thus, in a broad sense, the responsibility of a Christian is to love God and Love his brother. This should include spiritual, physical, social, mental, psychological care and any other possible way; thereby solving all ethical debates on morality. Nothing more explains best.

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