Monday, November 06, 2017

Prepare to Be Shocked By God's Kingdom Reversal

Paradoxes of the Kingdom abound to confuse the 'righteous' and encourage the broken. Don't believe me? Read the Old Testament. Then read Jesus.
Isaiah 61:1-10 in the Septuagint (LXX) links the message of salvation and those who are broken with the concept that it is the broken person who leads other broken people to their salvation.
God's key Kingdom reversal is this: He wants to use the broken to bind up the wounds of the broken. He uses the broken with power, but those who are proud toil fruitlessly for years. If life has smashed you up, prepare to be part of God's Kingdom reversal; and be used greatly (which is measured in the eternal realm; certainly, not by numbers).
God has no role for the self-righteous priest. The priest is necessarily from the broken. If the priest is not from the broken, they will be ineffective for they haven't borne witness to the power of the Spirit in the realities of Isaiah 61:1-3 in their own lives. They cannot take persons through places they themselves have not gone. And they have insufficient empathy and compassion. God cannot use them who do their ministry for their own kudos. And be careful, for it is difficult to discern the right minister from the self-righteous minister.
But God will use the one who has been smashed and dashed on the rocks of life.
It is the broken person that God has predestined to work great deeds for His glory. Not just the person once broken and caused to be prideful, but the person who remains broken.
The Holy Spirit works maximally through broken people who lead as if they don't.

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