Friday, December 15, 2017

How to Start a Christian Cell Group

If you want to start a cell group in your church it is important to begin with prayer. There needs to be a very clear calling from God before starting anything, and a cell group is no exception. If you do feel a calling from God, and you are willing to sacrifice, the next step in starting a cell group is asking yourself hard questions. Is your church ready for a new group? Will people come? Do you have what it takes to lead it? Will more groups spawn from this group? Are there other leaders in the church that can rise up and lead other cell groups? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before beginning a cell group.
If you still feel called from God, and you have answered the hard questions truthfully and still feel prepared to keep going, the next step is to develop your cell group vision. Where do you see the group going, where would you like it to go, and what do you feel God is calling you to? These are questions you need to answer when developing the vision for the cell group. When you have developed a vision, speak to your pastor. How does he feel about this? Does he give you his blessing? And does he have any tips/words of encouragement? If your pastor has blessed your endeavor, start talking to your friends. Ask them what they think about your idea, and ask if they would be interested in helping you start the cell group. Once you have gotten feedback from your friends, and hopefully some of them have signed on to help you, talk to other key members in your church. Ask them their opinions, and if they would be willing to help you in your cell group.
Once you have a group of friends and key members signed on to your cell group, come up with a group vision statement together. The vision statement should be short and easy to remember, expressing the group's hope and coinciding with the church's beliefs. Once you have a vision statement, start your group. Announce it during church services. There might not be an overwhelming turn out, but your friends and the key members will be there to support you. The group will grow as it progresses. It is important to keep inviting church members, and even people who do not go to church. Remember to keep an "open chair" policy. Never turn anyone away, no matter who they are or if you do not have room for them.
Starting a cell group is a big deal, and should not be taken lightly. There may be some stress added to your life because of the group. However, whatever stress may be felt is worth it, because you are creating a place where people can come together and grow, not only as friends, but in their relationship with Jesus Christ. If you feel called to small group ministry, do not keep it a secret. Talk to your pastor and talk to your friends.

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