Friday, March 09, 2018

The life of a Prophet

A life of a prophet, or else a prophet that is called to be in the office of prophet can be filled with rejection, miss-understanding, loneliness, depression and anger with the world and even the church body. The revelations given to the prophet sometimes are too hard to endure and to handle and a prophet has a hard time expressing what he is seeing in the Word of God and in the world to others. The revelation being so hard to endure, and having few people int he body of Christ that can endure it, makes the prophet every lonely from friends that he can have a deep heart to heart conversation with.
A prophet can seem to hold the whole world on his shoulders and often when not love and given positive edification can grow quite despondent d depressed and even angry with the lukewarm church that he finds all over the place. Prophet's need prophets for friends, however pride often stops the emerging novice prophets in training from forming bonds that are effective.

God has a way of crushing the pride out of a prophet and God will put the novice prophet in one very hot and holy fire until the prophet is humble and ready to cool down and not be so hot headed and judgmental of the Bride of Christ. It is only when the prophet is humble and healed and whole, that he can really do effective ministry in the body and be ready to perform every good work that the Lord has for him.

In my life, I have to say I have been very prideful and I have been crushed in a hot fire of the Lord. The last intense burning took 3 years and taught me to praise God even in the midst of intense suffering. It is important for the prophet even if he has no one that loves him or understands him that the LORD God approves of Him and the Lord Jesus loves Him. The prophets lot in life is not a great one, and it get be very intense and hurtful, and I would not ask to be a prophet if I were not one.
If you can see scripture deep, if you have been rejected for much of your life and you are sad with how the world it could be that you are called to be a prophet.
I hope that this has taught you something and you can see what a prophet really is and does.

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