Monday, April 30, 2018

What If Jesus Christ is the Only Way to God?

To understand the fact that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, you need to know what has separated you from God. Maybe you have never had this explained to you before. I trust this will be helpful to you. It all started in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. This act brought sin into the world. Sin separates people from God. Thus, man was separated from God through this act of rebellion against God's will. The problem was that when Adam and Eve fell into sin and out of fellowship with God, they brought death into the world. This was spiritual as well as physical death. At this time, Satan bound the human race to a covenant to serve him rather than God. Thus, there needed to be a way for people to get to God through a new covenant with God. Jesus is the new covenant that God has made with humankind to restore their fellowship with God. Jesus is the only covenant that has been made by God to renew our relationship with Him. If God had not made this new covenant with the human race, there would have been no hope of us having fellowship with Him.
Why could there not be other ways for me to have fellowship with God? Why is Jesus the only way to get to God? This is an easy one. God only made one way to get to Himself. Jesus is the only covenant God made with us. The book of Hebrews in the Christian's New Testament Bible explains this new covenant.

How can I know Jesus is the only way to God? How do I know the Christian religion is not one of many ways to God? How do I know the New Testament is the true covenant God has made and not just what a few men came up with about 2000 years ago? These are honest questions and are worthy of honest answers! It was necessary for a perfect sacrifice to be made that would satisfy the justice of God. Jesus' sacrifice is the only perfect sacrifice that could pay for your sins and open a way for you to renew your relationship with God. This is not easy to understand. I will explain this further in the next article. The way you can know for yourself is to follow John 3:16, 17. When your life is transformed, you will know.

Maybe all of this can be understood by taking an example. Say you have a judge that you are facing for a crime you have done against him. You plead guilty. The judge gives you a sentence of death. To your surprise a person comes forward and pleads with the judge that he be allowed to take your sentence and that you be allowed to go free. Your slate is wiped clean and in the process of all this the judge becomes your friend, and you are treated as though the crime had never taken place. Now put God the Father in place of the Judge, put you in place of the rebel against the Judge, and Jesus Christ, God's Son, as the one that has taken your place so you could go free. Do you know of any one else who could or would do this for you?

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