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Foundational Principles of the Doctrine of Christ - Eternal Judgment

The foundational principles of the Doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ are the pillars upon which the Christian Faith is built. There are six of these principles. They are described in Hebrews chapter six, verses one and two, in The Holy Bible. Let us now examine the sixth part of the Doctrine of Christ. The sixth part of the foundational Doctrine of Christ is, the Doctrine of Eternal Judgment. The Bible teaches that there is life after death. And the Scriptures teach that God shall judge the world in the end of this age. No one will be exempt from this time of judgment. Man is not Sovereign. He is not God. He is a creation of the Almighty God and he (she as well) will one day have to answer to the God Who gave them life as to the decisions they made in this life.

It is a proven fact that man can never be his or her own God, for the simple fact that there is no one who can turn away the ravages of physical death from himself or herself. No matter how long people hold on, if you live long enough, you will die and leave this side. It does not matter how much money an individual possesses. Live long enough and you will die. You cannot keep yourself alive. This shows that you are not almighty. You are not God. But you have a God, a Just and Holy God, to Whom you and I will have to one day give account.

As it pertains to eternal judgment, there will be two times this will occur. Firstly, there will be the judgment of the saints, those of us who have given our lives to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We will not be judged to determine where we will spend eternity. Because we live for Christ, we will spend eternity with Him, where He is. We belong to Jesus Christ, so we will experience the joy and bliss of living with Him forever.

So, what will our judgment entail as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, we shall stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ to give an account to our Lord of things done in the body. We shall have to answer for our obedience or disobedience to His Will for our lives. This is spoken of in 2 Corinthians chapter 5 verses ten and eleven. As Christians we should not be living unto ourselves. We should not be doing our own thing. We have given Jesus Christ our lives and we should be aiming to walk in obedience to His Word, the Bible, and His Will, one day at a time and one step at a time. As our Lord, He will judge us concerning things He has demanded that we do. We will have to be accountable. If we walk in obedience to Him, He shall surely reward us. If we have not been obedient servants, then we shall not be rewarded, but rebuked for our unfaithfulness and slothfulness.
But what about the judgment of those who have refused to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and live under His Lordship? They likewise shall experience judgment.

They shall stand before the Great White Throne of Almighty God and be judged for their refusal to receive Christ, God's Son. And the severity of the judgment will be just, for God is just. There is a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun.

Amidst the fact that these truths from the Bible are not heralded in some pulpits, yet they are so and, according to the Bible, shall surely come to pass.

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