Thursday, May 03, 2018

Living A Christian Life - How To Maintain A Closer Relationship With God

It's important for a Christian to love our Creator, God the Father. It might seem trivial, I know, but it really is one of the things that separates a true Christian from a Christian. You may be born a Christian, the child of both Christian parents. But it's what you do that defines you later on in life: Do you seek God in times of need? Do you thank Him when life has been good to you? Do you pray on a regular, daily basis, etc?

There are many ways to get God the Father involved in your life. It really depends on you, the person, the Christian, to decide on the degree of that involvement. Here are a few ways you can allow God into your life:

1. Attending Church regularly

Church attendance is one of the most taken-for-granted practices of being a Christian. Sure, you went to Church at least once a week when you were young and still living with your parents. But then what? When you moved out on your own, it was like you moved out of God's abode as well. Nowadays you rarely go to Church.

You should, as a Christian, attend Church masses at least once a week. It's a way to get in touch with God's teachings as conveyed by the preacher. It's also a way to feel closer to the Christian community. You will feel a sense of belonging all Christians are entitled to if only they let God into their lives.

2. Reading the Bible

Another way to grow and maintain a closer relationship with God is by reading the Bible - on a regular basis. Don't just read when you feel like it. Make it a daily, constant habit. Read even when you don't feel like it. Absorb God's teachings and learn more about the events of history from His perspective.
I once knew a girl who'd never read the Bible. When life came crashing down on her and she had no one to turn to, she felt lost. Then I told her, why don't you read the Bible? One night she picked up the copy I lent her and started reading. She became a more positive person afterwards. She was able to overcome all her problems and then some. She grew to be a true Christian.

If you want God in your life, spend time to allow God in your life. Read the Bible, attend Church masses at least once a week. You'll feel a renewed kind of feeling you've never quite felt before.

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