Sunday, May 06, 2018

Living Your Life God's Way - Love God and Jesus

Ever since the Garden of Eden God has been giving us instructions on how we should, and shouldn't, live our lives. Prior to the coming of Jesus, God used individuals such as Moses and the prophets to give His will to the people. Then Jesus came and spoke directly to the people to tell them how they should live. His whole ministry was about how people should live their lives. And after Jesus we were given the Bible for instruction. In fact, the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is a manual on how to conduct our lives.

Living our lives in the ways shown here and in future articles is a natural outflow of wanting to please God, do his will and live for Him. We should do all of these things with a willing heart because of our love for God and for Jesus. God is our creator and heavenly Father; Jesus is our Lord and Savior. They deserve nothing less than all we are and all we have, all the time.


Jesus told us that to love God was the most important commandment. We must also love Jesus in the same manner because He is our savior and died for us; all of us.

Every Christian loves God and Jesus to some degree; some with our heads and some with our hearts. But some people love them with every fiber of their being, down in their souls, which is what God wants from every one of His children. The good news is if you're not there yet, you can be. It's just a matter of going through the process of maturing in your relationship with Him.

If you've ever been deeply in love with another person, it's the same kind of process. You spend time with them, get to know all about them and let them get to know you. Over time the two of you become so close and develop such a deep relationship that you realize you've fallen madly in love with each other.

It's the same way in our relationship with God, except He already loves us. We need to spend time with Him (pray) and get to know Him (study your Bible). We'll come to a point where we love Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. We'll want to spend time with Him, listen to Him and do what He knows is best for us.

Salvation and living that "good Christian life" takes more than just repeating a few words at an altar and living the same way as before; it takes a change of heart, it takes becoming a new creation and it takes living life in a different way--God's way.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." Mark 12:30, NIV

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