Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Four Kinds of People in the Church

There are many definitions for Church and this can always be identified by its context. The Church is the place of worship where believers meet to fellowship with each other. It can also be defined as the whole body of Christ (1 Corinthians 15:9) or individual bodies of believers (1 Corinthians 3:16). In the Church there are all manner of people. There are some who are saved and others who are not. There are some who are there for good reasons and others for reasons best known to them. Today's article, "The four kinds of people in the Church" may not be all inclusive, but can be seen in most churches if not all. Now without wasting much time let's go straight into discussing the four kinds of people in the Church:

The first kind of people we have in our Churches are the "Passersby". They are those who come to church just to see what is happening. They come to see if the Pastor is powerful enough or whether there would be some kind of miracle. Their hearts are often times not in the service and never remember what the Minister preached on. They come with their own agenda rather than to sit and

The next group of people we have in our Churches are the "members". They are people who love to associate themselves with a particular denomination. They are only happy to say that "I belong to Christ Embassy" or "I belong to Benny Hinn Ministries". They love the title "Christian" just because they go to church but never live as they are supposed to.

The third group of people are called the "Learners". They are those who are ever learning but not practising what they learn. They are quick to quote the various quotations a preacher is making reference to but they never walk in them. They are very critical of Men of God but they themselves fall short of many things.

The last category of people is my favourite. I call them the followers. They are those that learn to do. Thus they are eager to try the things they read in their Bibles and hear on the pulpit. It is said that 5% of people make things happen, 25% watch things happen and the 70% don't even know that something has happened. The followers make the 5%. They walk in the supernatural because they exercise their faith in whatever situation they find themselves.

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