Monday, September 24, 2018

Christian Faith Sharing

Evangelical Christians are so named because they have a desire to share their faith with others; or at least the foundational doctrine of their church is to help God seek and save the lost. The truth is that only a tiny minority of evangelical Christians actually take the time to actively share their faith with others on a regular basis. The primarily secular world we live in is a powerful repellent to evangelism. Our culture is focused largely on self-sufficiency and the freedom to make our own personal choices. As a result, many unbelievers are offended by Christians who believe there is only one way to find favor with God; through His Son Jesus Christ. Unbelievers see this position as too restrictive, unenlightened, and inflexible. The commonly accepted belief that all religions essentially worship the same God in different ways tends to dilute the Christian point of view as simply another of many paths to God.

The vast majority of evangelical Christians never take the time to share their faith with anyone because they feel it's a waste of time trying to confront these well-established beliefs. Most unbelievers have already heard the Gospel message and rejected it - how can another voice change that well established point of view? A common opinion among Christian believers is that God has to work in someone's life before they can hear the truth about God, and when they are ready they will seek out answers to the important Biblical questions they are now avoiding. What this means for some Christian believer's is that there is no reason to share their faith until they are asked to do so by an unbeliever who is actively seeking to know God.

I personally don't know how someone can be granted the gift of eternal life and not feel an overpowering urge to share that gift with others. The notion that unbelievers need to be first called by God before they will be able to hear the Gospel message fully is a valid point; however, it seems to me, believers should be actively trying to find those lost souls who are seeking to know God. When I ask myself if God wants me to share my faith, the answer is always an immediate and resounding yes. There is no question this is God's will. If our Christian faith is real, there should be a burning desire to share it with others.

I feel strongly that all Christians should consider carefully how they can share the love of God with others. Believers who are focused on God will want to help God in His effort to seek and save the lost.

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