Saturday, September 15, 2018

Defending The Christian Faith With Apologetics

Christians always have ample opportunities to demonstrate the Christian faith whether they are Protestant or Catholic. They wish to demonstrate the faith of the Bible as having a special place as a strong belief system in the world. 'Apologetics' is a practice of defending the faith. All kinds of people from children to scholars should always be able to give a reasonable and sound explanation about the benefits of following the faith or visiting the Christian church.

There are several ways of defending the Christian faith. First, it is very important to read the Bible regularly, both the New and the Old Testament. Understand how they fit together. When you read them you will come to know about the overarching themes in each. Some of them repeat in both. Learn these systematic themes of the faith like Trinity, faith in Christ, salvation, the role of church and the sacred texts in the life of the believers.

Take class of the main beliefs of the Christian faith within or outside your denominational tradition. In any Christian church the core doctrines are very common but other doctrines may be taught with some variations. You may also meet some Christians who have a different viewpoint on certain theological questions. If you have some non-religious friends ask them about what they think about the christian faith. It is not necessary to answer their queries initially. But make a survey about such people and gather their opinion. This is the beginning of apologetics.

Along with surveys you have to read books on apologetics to know more about the frequently asked questions about the faith. Learn about the basic questions such as whether the Bible is reliable, whether Jesus rose after death, if God speaks to people etc. Read a lot of books on how various scholars have tried to answer these questions. When you visit the christian church you will have the opportunity to meet other scholarly followers. Discuss with them and gather a lot of knowledge about these questions. Pray to God to help you understand the questions and answers easily.

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