Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Better Understanding The Christian Faith

You will find that there are no shortages of religions in the world right now. Some of these have been around for thousands of years and have made an impact on billions of people, whether they chose to believe in these particular religions teachings or not. One of the primary examples of one of these old religions that is still very much alive today would be the Christian faith.

You will find that when it comes to something as massive as this is, you will have to just get the short version of what is actually believed. This way, you can better understand the specifics and if interested, pursue the knowledge that will allow you to equip yourself to reach a world with the Word that Christians believe.

One of the very first things that a believer will tell you is that they are considered to be servants of a "Risen Savior". Before we get into the risen part, you need to meet the savior. This is referring to Jesus Christ, a man who lived only 33 years but made quite a massive impact on the world in that span of time.

During this meager time in the world, he was able to perform miracles and instruct people on the structure of their faith, who God is, and how people are to treat one another. He was born of a virgin, so that he would not be corrupted by the sins of the world passed through generations derived from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when sin first entered the world. He remained sinless his entire life.

He proceeded, as the Bible would describe, to live a life that was also sinless. This would make the sacrifice that he would make for the world a pure offering to atone for the sins of the world he was living in. He was arrested and crucified on a cross, which was also what God had planned. His son Christ would die on that cross to allow believers to be allowed into a relationship with God.
For three days, Christ was dead. He then rose from the grave to conquer death and fulfill the end of his purpose on earth and show that there is no death for believers. That while their time on earth was temporary, they could have eternal life in Heaven if they were to believe in him, in God, and in the sacrifice on the cross that was sufficient to atone for sin.

Now this might not be something that you believe, but you can at the very least appreciate that a majority of religions existent in the world are derived from the Christian faith in some way.

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