Friday, November 09, 2018

Five Easy Steps to Strengthen Your Christian Faith

Christians for years have been trying to figure out ways to strengthen their faith and I've compiled a small list of things that you can do. Each one of these five of these steps will help you, while you're climbing your ladder to heaven.

1. Research your Christian origins. Try to find out, where your beliefs came from. A good place to start would be, asking your parents, if they raised you inside of a Christian family and community.

2. You're going to need to read at least some of the Bible. It would be nice if you could actually read most of the Bible, but let's start somewhere and that somewhere will start with reading sections of the Bible.

3. You're going to need to understand, what you're actually reading in the Bible. This will require learning more about the Bible and acquiring different points of views, until you can make good decisions on your own.

4. You're going to have to accept the fact that there are contradictions in the Bible and the more that you study the Bible, the easier it will be for you to accept these problems.

5. Last but not least, you're going to need to start asking the tough questions about Christianity. Some of these questions are going to be hard for most Christians of answer, but it's going to have to be done,

I hope this helps. We've all got to start somewhere and some times, actually spending some time in learning about your religion, is a good place to start.

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