Monday, January 21, 2019

Why Do We Keep Believing in Christianity?

I have one word for you, I know why most of us keep believing in Christianity, hope. We're hoping for a better life, whether it's in heaven or here on earth, but we're hoping and praying that life will become better, as we remain faithful and believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior.
If your life is miserable on earth, you're probably hoping to go to heaven and bask in the eternal presence of the Creator. If you have everything that you need and have ever wanted on earth, you're probably hoping that heaven will be even better than Earth.
Either way we're spending our time hoping that life will be better as long as we believe in Christianity. There could be other reasons why you keep believing in Christianity, but heaven and a better life are probably the biggest draws to this religion.
There are plenty of people out there, who desperately want to go to a better place. Think about those who are starving, don't have a home, are in an abusive relationship, are dependent upon another person that they don't get along with, are suffering from mental anxieties, in the process of going to prison or are in prison and the list goes on and on.
If these people didn't have hope and believe that God was going to take care of them, what would be the point of carrying on. You will keep believing in Christianity and the ultimate father in heaven, as long as you choose to.
What if I could offer you some hope, or even a chance at a better life? Would you be interested? Of course you would, if you're one of those who are waiting for God to take care of you or solve your problems, I've got the solution and you're going to love it.
Whatever the problem is that you're having, find someone who can help you or visit your local library to get some more information. There is no need to wait for God, when you can do some of this stuff by yourself or with the help of others.
Those who help themselves, are often helping God. Don't wait for God to help you, start looking for the answers today.
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