Thursday, March 21, 2019

4 Ways Christian Love Is Different From The World's

Christian love is something that can transform lives. For those who demonstrate it in their lives, it makes a difference to them as well as everyone they meet. So many Christians today are coming under fire because there is a lack of Christian love in the world. Sometimes this shortage is the fault of Christians themselves who only think they know Jesus and wear their title as one would "janitor," "politician," or "doctor." They become so fascinated with the identity of being a Christian, getting caught up in what they think they know and not pausing for a moment to think about how Jesus would have had them treat others. If you are looking to put more Christian love in your life, then you need look not further than the life of Jesus to discover what it looks like.
Jesus was a servant. If you want to demonstrate love the way Christ would have you to, then you need to look at his servant example. Jesus, during his short time on earth, taught his apostles that the greatest in Heaven are the ones who choose to serve others. Essentially, by placing yourself last, you will be exalted in the eyes of God. He illustrated this a number of ways to the apostles, but perhaps the most famous example is when he stooped down to wash his disciples' feet. These men called him "Master," but here he was doing one of the most humbling jobs a person in that day could do, just to show them that striving for greatness starts with a refusal of self.
Jesus was childlike. He never lost his sense of wonder about the world and the greatness of God. He'd seen and done far more in his lifetime than anyone else ever will, yet he still viewed himself as God's child and preached to his apostles that to enter the kingdom of Heaven, one must be childlike.
Jesus was a friend to sinners. The Lord understands that every man and woman has their struggles, but he chooses to befriend rather than condemn, showing that he could go to the spiritually sick without becoming infected. He risked his reputation among the day's leaders and his followers who were looking for a more fulfilling way in order to speak good news where it needed to be heard. That didn't stop him from calling out sinners and pleading with them to turn from their ways, but he did so with love in his heart.
Jesus was willing to sacrifice. Having the love of Christ means being willing to place your life on the line for your fellow man. Knowing there is a reward beyond this life is why true Christians have been doing so for thousands of years. Do you have Christ's love in your heart?

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