Saturday, March 30, 2019

Christianity, Love, And Jesus

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ. First I would like to ask you a question, do you love Jesus? Is He your best friend? Are you looking for Him ? As we all were before becoming saved and walking with Him. Do you feel alone in this terrible and often times cruel, unforgiving, understanding world? Have you lost loved ones, friends, family, or maybe yourself? Do you feel a hole or void in your life that is empty blackness without escape?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions , the answer is so simple and so true. Just turn your heart to Jesus. He loves you. He will be your best friend, your comforter, your all if you let Him. All you have to do is humble yourself, bend the knee and if unable to then bend the heart. You don't have to be in a church to ask Jesus into your heart, you can be saved anywhere at anytime!! Isn't that an awesome concept. If you know you are a sinner and wish for forgiveness, and to walk in life with Jesus in peace, joy and love , He is the door, the light, and the way. He can heal you in ways doctors never can. He can remove old hurts and strongholds in your life that no one else will ever be able to. No matter of hours put in at a psychologist office will ever do for you what accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart will do. He can remove all sorts of bad habits or sinful things we all have to be ashamed of.
Are you angry because of your past? Did you live an unfair childhood? Are you living an unfair adulthood? Are you abused (past or present)? Believe me I know your pain, but Jesus can free you from it, from the anger , and the resentment. Are you angry with your spouse , are you living in an unhappy marriage? Do your children run amuck? Seemingly to never know when to mind and be still? Are you unhappy with your job, your house, your life, your weight, your everything?
These things plague you because you need to turn to Jesus. Let him fill you with the peace, joy and love only He is able to give. Let Him be your Savior, your reason for living , and your all.
No I am not some holy roller, up until July 22, 2007 I was knee deep in sin. I was 29 at that time, unsaved, and I had many many sins in my life. Some worse than others a few really big time sins against God. I was unhappy with everything, my life, my husband, my weight, my children. There were days I wished the world would open up and swallow me whole. On July 22, 2007 my daughter begged me to come to see her baptized, yes she had to beg because I did not want anything to do with a church house or it's people. But seeing those sweet hazel eyes of hers brimmed with tears was more that I could bare. So I agreed to go , I got dressed , dreading the whole thing believe me. We went and I heard the sermon, the preacher was speaking about Hell, and the pain for all eternity if we went there instead of Heaven. I do not think I have ever been so scared in all my life. My heart began to race , I began to sweat and tremor. I looked down and I was literally gripping the pew bench with white knuckles. At the end of the sermon the preacher said to everyone " we are going to have a few minutes of invitation". Now being the sinner I was I did not understand what that meant at that time. But everyone had there eyes closed and they were praying. I was thinking to myself if I can just last a few more minutes I will be out of here. But all of the sudden there was a tug on my chest, it truly felt like someone had grabbed the front of my shirt with both hands and was pulling me to the alter. It was frightening and joyful all at once. I knew without a doubt it was Jesus. I got to my feet somehow though as of now I do not really remember walking to the alter and falling on my knees to pray. That very minute I said to Jesus , please I know I am a sinner , but please take these sins away, please forgive me, please love me too. Please come into my heart and He did. Even though I know I am not worthy He loves me enough to save me.
Jesus loves you too. Please do not ever forget that He loves you too. And He only wants the very best for us here and in the afterlife. Do you want to call Heaven your home someday? I know I do and will. God Bless you always.

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