Saturday, June 08, 2019

Christ Alone Means There Is No One Else

The question of why we claim Christ alone is God comes as an insult to so many other religious traditions and belief systems. It is true but there is no other way to salvation. When we talk about salvation we need to define what salvation is.
There are all kinds of salvation topics. But this is one about the soul and after death issues. When we talk about the salvation of the soul of a person the next question is from what? What is the soul saved from? The Christian answer is from eternal damnation. What is this damnation?
This damnation is the final destination of a soul after death because we believe there are two places the soul can go after death. One is to heaven and the other is to hell. These two destinations are determined to be for ever. That means there are no means of escape from hell once you go there.
This is serious stuff and so we are persistent in repeating these facts. The very foundation of Christian belief system is based on this fact that sin is what determines your final destiny.
If we can end the problem of sin then there is no doubt about where we will spend eternity. That will be heaven. God and sin cannot coexist. So God requires man to be sinless or sin free in order to enter his abode which heaven.
There is absolutely no definite way a man can determine if he is sinless. The fact is every one has sinned and knows there is sin in their lives from past, present and possibility of the future sin actions here on earth.
Jesus said there is only one way to pay for that sin and that is if some one else could shed blood but that blood should be innocent and sinless. Only God himself can provide that. That is precisely what Jesus provided for us on the cross. He declared it is finished.
All a human has to do is to accept it, repent of his past and place himself before God, and turn to him for salvation on the basis of the blood of Jesus.
Is it too much to ask? This is the simplest form of provision and solution. This move cost God to offer his own son on our behalf. It is neither cheap nor easy. We with finite human brains cannot comprehend fully what this meant to God and his kingdom.
But what ever it is the fact is it does not cost us anything except our pride, traditions, relatives and friends. Yes, we have to boldly take a step in spite of friends and relatives and religious traditions we were brought up in to confront all the oppositions and become a follower of Jesus Christ.
Salvation is assured when you take this step, get baptized and tell the world that you are now a follower of Jesus Christ.

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