Friday, July 12, 2019

Salvation - 10 Things That Will Transform Your Life

Transformation does not take place in one's life because of willpower or one's ability to think hard. Salvation is available to whosoever will take it. When one takes it, they have no choice but to be transformed. I can't explain it. I experienced it and I would desire that you too be saved. There is nothing better than the prospect of living that full, abundant life in God. I share ten life transforming things in this article pertaining to salvation.
1. Acknowledging that you are insufficient by yourself and that you need divine intervention because of your sinful nature will open up your life to the possibility of receiving Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior.
2. Believing in the LORD Jesus Christ and His power to save you. When you come to Him you must believe that Jesus is who He says He is and that He is able to do everything that the Bible says He can do. When I believed in Him, I committed my life to the cause of the cross and I am enjoying it.
3. Confessions of sins and asking for forgiveness. This is where the transaction takes place. It is the place of surrender, the place of exchanging the broken pieces of your life for the wholeness that comes from Him. You can begin again as a result of this relationship that starts at the foot of the cross.
4. Denying your past life of sin and debauchery will lead you into a new face of living a meaningful life
5. Evangelizing will strengthen your own walk as you begin to share with others the goodness of God in your life
6. Faith will begin to grow as you cultivate a culture of reading the word of God and prayer
7. Giving will begin to unlock the windows of heaven as you begin to understand principle of seed - time and harvest and tithing of your increase as you are
8. Healing of past hurts and bitterness will be available to you to access because that is your portion in the Lord. Sin is like an infection that leads to death, only the oil of the Spirit of God can disinfect and bring healing.
9. Issues that you couldn't by yourself will no longer make you feel inadequate as you begin to take everything to God in prayer because in Him you live and move and have your being
10. Jesus Christ the anointed takes personal responsibility for your life as you begin to operate with the mind of Christ and living in constant fellowship with Him and taking on His Godly character and characteristics
These things, simple and basic though they may sound can be experienced by anyone who will humble themselves and admit that life without God is an unpleasant and fruitless search for the thing you cannot find. It is a privilege that can be likened to none to be able to hear the good news and respond to them. I heard these simple truths at an early age and have been living the Kingdom life since then and I highly recommend it to you.

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