Thursday, July 18, 2019

Why a Bible Christian Has Abundant Safety and Assurance in the Lord Jesus Christ

A christian of the Bible has absolute safety and assurance in Jesus our Lord. You've heard the old saying, there's safety in numbers? Well, since God out numbers all our enemies, why are you afraid of anything? The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.(Ps.37:23)
Story illustration
Many years ago an old timer in the hills of Tennessee was taking a walk which led him past a cave, nearly hidden by bushes. Just before reaching cave, he saw a movement. It was a black snake, which came out, took a few bites of a certain plant, then returned back into the cave. The snake did this 2 more times, each time returning back into the cave for a few minutes. The older man reasoned that the black snake was fighting a deadly rattler and that he came back out to bite the plant to offset the poison. To test his theory he quickly dug up the plant and hid. Sure enough the blacksnake came out, trying to find the plant, then soon curled up and died. The devil tries to poison us with doubt and unbelief and great fear. However, as we read our Holy Bible, pray, and simply trust our Lord, we will have our antidote to see us through.
The empire of Caesar is long gone. The legions of Rome are moldering in the dust. Napoleon avalanches that he hurled upon Europe are forever melted away. Pharaoh and his armies are destroyed. Their great pyramids which they raised to be their tombs are even now sinking in the desert sands.
We are living, I feel, in the most unsure tide of our nations finances, of any time I can remember in my 61 years of living. Many are pushing global unity so we can be as one. Sin is rampant, like a pot boiling over, ready to spill out.
Our American flag is no longer respected. The right of abortion for every American woman is being given back to them. Young girls once again, pregnant, can have abortions, hiding this from their parents.
The answer is Jesus Christ. He's more than enough. He won victory for us on Calvary several thousand years ago. Dare to say no to satan. Have the fortitude and guts to say yes to our captain, God Almighty. He'll see us through.
Christians of the Holy Bible have safety that is abundant, with the assurance of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. A win-win situation for all true believers.

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