Friday, October 18, 2019

How Can a Christian Be Justified by Faith?

God is absolutely righteous. Whatever God says and does is right. God does a thing because it is right. To be justified by faith is to put your faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, salvation is a gift of God. If Jesus Christ did not die for us, we will all go to hell.
Justification by faith is a free gift purely of God's grace. It is not based on our works because we don't have to work for it. It is not a reward given to those who have done good works to please God. Abraham believed in God and it was credited to him as righteousness. It is not something that you receive when you cooperate with God on a thing. In the Old Testament times, the Jews tried to establish their own righteousness by carrying out the commandment in the Law of Moses including ritual and festival laws.
Justification by faith is accomplished by Jesus Christ through his death on the cross for our sins once and for all. He was blameless yet he bore our sins on the cross. He endure all kinds of insults, beatings, lashes and injuries for our sins. He was whipped 39 times by a cat of nine tails whip. The whip could rip off the skin and flesh together. Jesus only need to die once for our sins to offer redemption for our sins. The Jewish priest had to make sin offerings for himself and the people once every year during the Day of Atonement. It is done over and over again to show that sins cannot be forgiven completely without the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ.
Through justification by faith, the righteousness of Jesus Christ has been imparted to a believer. God overlook our sins when we confess and sincerely repent from them. Since God has forgiven your sins, you are no longer guilty as he has wiped off the wrongdoings. Therefore, Satan no longer has the right to accuse you before God.
Justification by faith is not subjected to degrees. A person can either be completely justified by faith or completely unjustified by faith.
There is only one name, Jesus Christ by which all can be saved. No one can inherit eternal life and enter into heaven without believing in him.
Believers must continue to follow Jesus after conversion. They are to live a holy life and always keep their conscious clean before God. Faith have works. A true believer will show obedience towards God outwardly as this is an act of faith. If a believer does not abide in God's commandment, it means that he is not a true believer. Christians should live their lives by following the example of Jesus Christ while he was on earth. We are to live by the Spirit and choose to abide in God's commandments rather than satisfying the desires of our flesh.

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