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Living Holy - 5 Reasons Why YOU Can't Do It

While much is written and preached about Holiness in our churches, Church members are quick and proud to testify to the life of Holiness they live.  I think holiness is a lot like humility, the moment you realize how humble you are, that's when you cease to be humble.
Church goers are quick to point out the following:
•  Holiness is a way of life (And it is).
•  Its holiness or hell (This is true).
•  Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord (Another true statement).
While all of these are true, what is overlooked is how does one live or attain holiness? Again, church goers will quickly tell you and many claim they can teach you how to live holy. The problem is, they will teach you methods, things to do, things to say and  what to wear and what not to say. This is perhaps close, but the emphasis is on your efforts. Yes, some effort is required on your part and that's the willingness to be obedient to the spirit of God. If you could be holy by doing things, what if my things were better and more impressive than yours? Would I not be more Holy than you, because of the many things I do? Already do you see the problem? Someone can always find a way to do it better, longer, faster or spend more time at it. In corporate worship settings, someone is always tempted to have the spotlight on them, someone will always want someone else to look at them to see how "I" am living Holy.  Some church members seem to have a knack to draw attention to there efforts.  I can clearly remember being in a holiness church when a member actually shared with me,  things to do in order to live holy.  She mentioned, go to church, attend prayer services and pray. There was more on her list, but I had to stop her, because what she said was not supported by scripture.  If these were true, then anyone could mimic her list and be considered as Holy.  By Gods standard that would be called self righteousness. This is the reason for the title of this article. So, here are five reasons why YOU can not live Holy.
1. Following tradition.
Many churches will get caught up in the way it was done over the years and this way has no scriptural standing.  Many church traditions will teach you a list of dos and don't s.  It's up to you, the individual believer to know and find this out.
2. Following a list.
Religious folk ( different from  believers) are able to tell "things" you should do and things you should cease from doing. Supposedly these constitute a holy life. The emphasis is on YOU doing these "things" or rituals and little to nothing is mentioned about following Jesus Christ or being lead by the Spirit of God.
3. Ignoring God
Holiness or the life that exemplifies  holiness is not a believer who walks in disobedience. Walking contrary to how the spirit of God leads you is a life contrary to God.  You can have your private or secret sin if you desire ( I don't recommend this ), ignoring God or His Word will never make you holy in His sight.
4. The emphasis is on you, not the finished work of Christ.
When all of the effort of holy living is based on YOU and what You do and what You don't do, your focus is not on Christ. This is another problem with many holiness churches, the emphasis is on what you do (the list) instead of teaching people to listen to and follow the voice of God, we tell people to do THINGS or to dress a certain way ( to exemplify ) holiness. Since man is fallible and prone to distractions and other failures, why then would you try to accomplish something that Israel could not do when they had the law and Moses.
5. No dependency on Jesus Christ.
If Christians truly depended on Jesus Christ, would there be so many divorces in the church? If believers totally depended on Jesus Christ, would there be different denominations ( divisions ) among believers? If we depended on Jesus Christ to complete the work that He started, would there be any need for this article?
When the emphasis is on your efforts, your ability and your church tradition, the focus is all about you and how you look in the eyes of others. The focus is not on your obedience to Gods Word.
24 To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy- Jude 1:24
Do it Gods way.

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