Saturday, November 30, 2019

Christianity and Religious Practices - Living Life For a Higher Power

Christianity is one of today's largest religions, yet many people who were not raised in a Christian atmosphere do not understand what Christianity is about. But the religious practices in Christianity are not as complex or strange as they may first appear to an outsider. Take a look at some of the most important practices in use today.
Baptism is very common in most branches of Christian religion. Jesus Christ, known as the savior of lost souls, is worshiped as the Son of God by Christians and is said to have died on the cross so that God will forgive us for any and all we commit in this life. When someone asks Christ for forgiveness, they are then baptized to show that they have become a Christian and have been excepted into the church. This is very important, because salvation is believed to be the only way to go to Heaven. Many religions believe that a person must also be baptized to enter Heaven's gates.
Easter is another celebrated day in the Christian tradition. This is the day that Jesus rose from the dead, as he prophesied he would do. If he had not risen then salvation would not be possible. Christian churches celebrate this with Easter egg hunts for the younger children, as well as singing hymn songs of praise to the Lord, and often having a church dinner.
Christmas is celebrated by many, not just Christians, but it has a very special meaning to it for those of the Christian faith. Religious practices in Christianity include celebrating Christmas as the day of Jesus's birth. This is not the actual date, the actual date is unknown, but it is a symbol of the hope he gave the world. We show the love of God to others by giving gifts and gathering with family on Christmas Day.
Lastly, though many people are already aware of this common practice whether they realize it or not, Sunday is considered a day of rest. In the Bible it says that God created the world and mankind in six days, and on the seventh He rested. Christians try to honor Sunday and keep it holy; if it is possible they will not work, though current economic times usually make this hope fairly unrealistic. Church services are held on Sunday mornings to worship the Lord, and sometimes again on Sunday night. Many churches hold other services throughout the week as well, and host a vacation bible school during the summer. Church, as we all know, plays an important role in the lives' of Christian followers.
As you can see, religious practices in Christianity are all involved in some way or another with spreading the good word of the salvation of Jesus Christ and the love of God. The idea is that by spreading peace and love, not only will harmony come to the world, but all will be saved from Hell's fire and can rejoice together forever one day in Heaven with God Almighty.

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