Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Do You Live This Sort of Christian Life?

Going to church should be a celebration and a time to share testimonies of everything that has happened to you during the week: the revelations; the encounters; the conversations you had with God, saints, and angels; and the stories of how you witnessed that week.

Church should not just be where you are taught but should be the main thing. If you are really flowing with God, the pastor should preach a sermon that confirms two revelations that you already had that week.

You should not just go to church to worship God and to feel his presence, but your whole life should be one of worship, and his presence should always be with you. People should say that they feel peaceful whenever you are around them.

You should never witness to people with an agenda to talk to them and lead them to Christ. Your whole life should be a witness, and whenever you spend time with strangers, they should be blessed and sharing with you how happy they were to meet you.

You should not limit prophecy to just a prophetic group. Prophecy should bubble up within you when you are shopping or being served by someone and the Lord leads you to bless them.

You should not have to read a book about heaven, God, Jesus, angels and saints. Your life should be filled with trips to heaven, including meeting saints and angels and encounters with God and Jesus.

You should not have to read books about open heavens to get a rush from another person's experience. You should walk under an open heaven so that your house is a habitation of heaven with many angels in it. God, Jesus, angels and saints should be visiting you all the time.

You should not have to go to church to learn from God. You should just open your Bible and let God meet with you and let the Holy Spirit teach you. You should have two-way conversations with the Godhead and know the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit very intimately.

When people tell you that they don't believe in God, you should not argue with them using a bunch of Bible verses. Instead, say, "It doesn't bother me that you don't believe in God. That has no effect on my faith. I have met God many times, and believe me, God really does exist."

The supernatural life should not be for the elite in the Christian faith. In the world, the Elite in the deep state own most of the money. But the supernatural should be open to you and to any child of God, and you should be experiencing everything that I personally walk in.

The Christian life should not be dull and boring; it should be alive, active and exciting to you. Your prayers should not remain unanswered; you should learn to pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit. Only ask for what God wants to give you and what is in his will.

I hope you are encouraged. You can do it!

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