Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Effects of False Prophets With a Simple Solution - Christians and the Bible

If you have a advanced understanding of the Bible, there's a pretty good chance that you will be able to spot false prophets, easily. There is no way to guarantee that extensive Bible study will give you the psychic ability that's necessary, to spot these people, the moment that you come into contact with them, but they will be easier to spot as you increase your knowledge on Christianity, not just Bible study.
I heard Ronald Reagan give a speech one time where he said "if I was stranded on a desert island and only had one book to read, it would be the Holy Bible." I don't know if I share his point of view on that one but there are quite a few Christians who share his opinion. I have encountered plenty of people who read the Bible on a daily basis, but have limited knowledge about Christianity. Like where did the Bible come from or what happened to the 12 disciples.
These are the people that are easily misled. As children, we are educated often in a sheltered environment. It's easy for children to accept the beliefs and practices of their parents. If your parents are strong Christians, there's a very good chance that you yourself can become a strong Christian if nurtured properly.
Here's where the problem with false prophets lies in Christianity. If your parents are already following false or misquoted religious beliefs and doctrine, there's a good chance that you could follow the same path. If you look up to and respect your parents, grandparents and teachers, and their following a false prophet, how would you know.
I have talked to people who believe so strongly that they are right and others are wrong. That they won't even talk to Christians with different beliefs. Seven day Adventist that won't talk to Pentecostals, Mormons that won't talk to Methodist and the biggest one of all, Christians that won't talk to atheists. They get so caught up in what they were taught, that they won't listen to reason.
These false prophets aren't easy to spot, especially if you're caught up in their religious beliefs. If your church leaders are purposely misquoting the Bible, I would suggest that you confront the leaders in private, never do this in front of the congregation because they will need to defend themselves and it could get ugly. Most of them need to protect their jobs or beliefs.
If they are misquoting Bible scripture, simply point this out to them in a kind and loving manner. There's no need to become abusive over Bible scripture. If they can't explain themselves to you in a satisfactory manner, maybe it's time for you to go to another church, or start talking to other followers about removing them as leaders in your church.

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