Monday, January 27, 2020

Christian Marriage - Love and Sensuality

What many Christian couples don't understand is the potential they have for a Christian marriage with strong love and sensuality. It irks me to no end when I see couples simply going through the motions of life, absent of excitement and joy. I see them at church, I see them pick their children up from school, and I will see them at various Church related gatherings and events.
When I ask, "how is everything going?", I will sometimes get a response such as, "oh pretty good, you know me and Chuck are pretty busy and It's hard to create extra time for ourselves, but we do manage to make it to Church, so that's good."
I generally will find a window of opportunity to pull such couples aside and right off the bat say to them, "You know Chuck and Betty, it really sounds to me like you're missing out on a stronger and more sensually exciting marriage!" This is enough of a shocker to get their attention, and I then will explain further to them some aspects to a marriage relationship filled with strong sensuality.
First I explain to them that there is no need to "create time" but rather to live in the moments which are available to them, as if these are in fact the "magic moments" (which indeed they are). When you take on that mentality you end up opening up windows for the so called "spare time". But in any event when you act sensual about everyday life as a Christian in a loving marriage relationship should, then you create so much more meaning, direction and purpose.
A Christian relationship filled with sensuality is also the ultimate display of appreciation to God. Living day to day and just "managing to make it to Church" certainly doesn't cut the mustard for the true Christianity practice of a fulfilling, sensuous, life, celebrating God.
Secondly I will stress the importance of intimacy towards one another and that in order to truly practice Christian sensuality they must be passionate, alive, and intimate towards one another. They have a duty, I explain, to live up to the high pillars of Christian living and to do that requires nothing less than celebrating the bond between one another with Christianity serving as their base. In other words, set aside time to become intimate and practice intimacy frequently!
Thirdly, to make sure they can take home and practice that which I've been preaching, I recommend that they read specific Christian based manuals which they can use to begin their path towards a more sensual Christian relationship. There are several techniques and tips available to increase variety, maintain safety, and create time for intimacy. Learning new and exciting intimacy techniques leads to a more sensually pleasing relationship and ensures a strong and solid marriage.

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