Thursday, January 30, 2020

Christian True Love - Where is It?

Are you a Christian man or woman who has been looking for true love and you do not know if it really exists? Did you give up and marry someone who was not right for you because you did not think you would ever find that special true love?
Ask yourself this question, do I need someone or do I want someone. There is a difference. When you want someone, your life is basically pretty good. You have a good job, nice home and car and you are able to travel when you want several times a year. The only thing you are missing is that special relationship. Dating just anyone does not fill that void. But if you are not happy with your job, home and life, you could be settling for someone out of loneliness and security, for someone less than your perfect match.
I was content with my life, doing the things I wanted to do and being independent for thirty years. I was missing that close special relationship, one that does not start good and then get worse, but one that keeps on getting better as time goes on.
After one of my friends joined the Christian Mingle website and in five months met and married a wonderful man, I decided to join in September of 2008. I was very skeptical thinking that I would be corresponding with a nice Christian man and when we would decide to meet, he would tell me he could not for two years, as that is when he is getting out of prison. Well, I went in with a lot of faith and in two months I met my true love and shortly thereafter we got married. On the dating website I said in my profile that I would not take second best, and I did not. It was such a great story, I decided to write a book about it. I had a feeling all along that I was going to meet my soulmate. I even told my friends in the chat room in Christian Mingle that he was coming to me soon. I define soulmate as a person who God has sent to us who has the same heart and of course the same soul, a mirror image of us.
After thirty years being divorced, and 67 years old, I found my perfect match. It is said of a woman over sixty, that it is easier to be killed by lightning or a terrorist than to find a man of her choice. Not very good odds, but I did it, and you can also.

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