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What Is A Prophet Are There Prophets In Our World Today

The mainstream and accepted way of thinking about prophets is that they are individuals who can "see" the future and make it known to somebody, accordingly they are some of the time alluded to as "soothsayers." This thought might be halfway valid, what this definition needs can be the stuff you don't have the foggiest idea about that can hurt you.

The best single definition I have ever found is that a prophet is one who "tells forward the will and insight of God." This would incorporate things past, present and future. The book of scriptures expands the meaning of the prophet in three unmistakable manners offering trustworthiness to this definition.

First the "soul of prediction" is something characterized in the book of Revelation. Furthermore, I fell at his feet to love him. What's more, he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the declaration of Jesus: revere God: for the declaration of Jesus is the soul of prescience, Revelation 19:10. With this definition it very well may be seen that each one who announces the gospel has the "soul of prediction." That would incorporate everybody from Billy Graham to the youthful devotee remaining on the corner conversing with an outsider about how he met the Lord. It is sheltered to state that most prescience today depends on this informing others regarding Christ and his deeds despite the fact that they occurred more than 2,000 years back.

The second sort of prescience is something that approaches by the move of God's Holy Spirit in the congregation. It can come to essentially anybody in the congregation however it is constantly chosen and regulated by the Holy Spirit alone. In any case, the sign of the Spirit is given to each man to benefit withal. For to one is given by the Spirit the useful tidbit; to another the expression of information by a similar Spirit; To another confidence by a similar Spirit; to another the blessings of recuperating by a similar Spirit; To another the working of marvels; to another prescience; to another observing of spirits; to another jumpers sorts of tongues; to another the understanding of tongues: But all these worketh that one and the equivalent Spirit, isolating to each man severally as he will, I Corinthians 12:7-11. These sorts of predictions appear to be just to be polished in the alluring and Pentecostal holy places of today. Be that as it may, utilizing the more extensive definition any minister who is talking under the intensity of the Holy Spirit could be said to forecast.

A third sort of prescience is what originates from somebody who has been delegated to prediction as well as has been explicitly given the "workplace of the prophet." And he gave a few, witnesses; and a few, prophets; and a few, evangelists; and a few, ministers and instructors; For the idealizing of the holy people, for crafted by the service, for the enlightening of the group of Christ: Ephesians 4:11-12. How these "prophets" are picked is a significant issue and is regularly misjudged so how about we take a gander at this next.

Prophets of today are picked precisely as they were years back in the book of scriptures. Normally they are gotten out by God through a word or a dream. In the book of scriptures a few prophets saw a fantasy; others heard God's voice and still others saw a consuming shrubbery or some other extraordinary omen which stood out enough to be noticed and afterward God addressed them.

I would say it was a fantasy as well as a progression of them and at one point a real voice with a quite certain message. Toward the start of my new confidence I had three dreams one night and woke after each fantasy and put in almost no time contemplating what I had seen. I knew about the occasions and sights of the initial two dreams however not with those in the third and last dream. It astounded me so much that I got up to ask and inquire as to whether he could enable me to comprehend what was happening. At that beginning period in my new confidence I didn't know God at any point addressed anybody straightforwardly any longer. I imagined that those sorts of disclosures were for scriptural occasions just and had since a long time ago passed.

At the point when I requested that God help me comprehend what the fantasies implied I was stepped back to one of my preferred Christmas stories. I recollected Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" and the three spirits of Christmas past, present and future. It clicked in my mind and I considered the to be as quite obvious. I had seen myself and the occasions throughout my life as clear as a film and keeping in mind that I knew about everything except the last dream I realized I had seen the past, the present and the future in three separate dreams. Life itself checked my revelation when after eight days the occasions I found in the third dream happened precisely.

After the initial three dreams I required just one dream to see what's to come. You could state that God needed to lead me into the entire issue with the initial three dream scene just to assist me with beating my general absence of information on how he functions and what he wanted to do with me later on. Truth be told the future would be loaded up with dream dreams by the hundreds, maybe at this point I could state by the thousands.

I was bothered by all the fantasies first and foremost. Albeit the majority of them were just close to home and identified with me or those close in my social setting and condition they were all distinctive and once in a while ever not entirely clear. They were generally on a "what you see is the thing that you get" premise no headings required. Be that as it may, every one of these fantasies frightened me.

In the wake of pondering such a large number of dreams I at long last asked God decisively for what valid reason I was seeing such huge numbers of dreams of things to come, once in a while as much as five or six times each week. The day after I requested that God help me I was attracted to my book of scriptures and to the book of Numbers. It was right now read a solitary section of sacred writing that set out to settle my dread about the volume of dreams I was accepting. In Numbers 12:6 the Bible says, "And he stated, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a dream, and will talk unto him in a fantasy."

I have seen world occasions unmistakably more seldom than individual occasions however not once in a period well more than thirty years have any of my fantasy dreams at any point been off-base. A portion of the fantasies were more point by point and long than others however the one that stands apart the most was to do with the second happening to Christ. That fantasy sent me on a deep rooted examination and search to realize everything I could about Christ's arrival to earth. I am still in that search and I have presumably that the opportunity of his coming is as close as a breath.

As I examined prediction and the prophets I found that there is a litmus test for both prescience and the prophet. It characterizes the parameters and the veracity of each prediction and each prophet including me. The test is essentially twofold.

The main test is "are the predictions or the message of the prophets genuine?" Does it really occur? There is no wrangling out of this test. On the off chance that the fantasies, dreams or messages of any sort are false the time has come to hang up the cap. In Hal Lindsey's well known book The Late Great Planet Earth, Mr. Lindsey calls attention to that Old Testament prophets were liable to stoning if their predictions weren't right. He was directly about that yet today individuals couldn't care less if a prophet is infrequently off-base or if his messages are hidden or darkened like those of Nostradamus. Possibly we won't stone such prophets today yet by all methods we ought not hear them out. Truth and mistake are not bed accomplices.

Then again an unquestionably increasingly unavoidable and savage issue is getting anybody to shield from executing, defaming or just for the most part overlooking the genuine prophets. I make an effort not to think about anybody's distrust literally and I help myself to remember what C. S. Lewis said may occur if Jesus were directing his service in the present confident universe of science, secularism and self. Lewis said that if Christ were serving today they may not kill him yet rather would welcome him to supper, hear him and afterward ridicule him.

The subsequent litmus test for all predictions has to do with "earlier disclosure." Simply stated, any disclosure or prophetic articulation given today should concur with any the words and messages of the antiquated scriptural prophets, Christ or his Apostles. God never negates himself. Sacred writing or the "earlier disclosure" is basic and crucial to all disclosure now or whenever to come. Since this is genuine I am constantly helped that even to remember the couple of world occasions that I have been favored to see they are just intended to be supplemental in nature and are never intended to "supersede" any piece of the scriptural disclosure. I don't need the obligation of adding anything to sacred writing that descends as "extra-scriptural" in nature. We have enough of that in things like the "Book of Mormon" and the tenets of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

At last it must be said that nobody ought to be permitted to determine their prophetic calling without anyone else. Expressions such as self perceived, self designated or self announced ought to be kept away from. The calling originates from God and God alone. I once heard somebody state that the individuals who hold the lectern without having been called to do so resemble men sitting on a seat as the prophets of God passed by and saying, "There go the godly men for what reason don't we find a good pace with them?"

Do you think you are a prophet? Let me state you have no clue what you're in for. A great many people won't consider you a Holy Spirit Dove driven man with a dream yet they will consider you to be a cuckoo feathered creature with another entirely different variant. You will remain solitary from multiple points of view in light of the fact that not at all like the clerics and pastors of the day who speak to the individuals to God you can just speak to God to the individuals. Yet, take heart in light of the fact that as the hour of Christ's arrival moves closer God will call evermore prophets to talk and prescience for him. This magnificent actuality is a guarantee of the sacred texts. "What's more, it will happen a short time later, that I will spill out my soul upon all substance; and your children and your girls will forecast, your elderly people men will dream dreams, your youngsters will see dreams: Joel 2:28."

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