Thursday, April 09, 2020

Where Can Christians Get Good Sex Tips?

As Christians it can be challenging to find tasteful avenues for researching ways to improve intimacy. Even within the church, the subject of how to improve your Christian sex life is naturally not a common sermon or even side topic to discuss elsewhere.

Yet improving your sex life as a Christian is indeed very important.

So where can Christians go for good sex tips? There are actually a few good outlets for learning better intimacy skills and techniques.

1. Seminars. Yes, there are actual seminars specifically focusing on Christian sex. They have actually become very big, and very well attended. Having travelled across the country a few times in recent years, I have even seen large billboards advertising these events. Usually such events will be a one or two day weekend gathering with various speakers who will discuss why sex is so important in a Christian marriage and how to improve your lovemaking. As said, these have been very popular so look out for them coming through your town, or a neighboring large city.

2. Christian Wives or Christian Husbands Party. If you have any gatherings within your church community which are specifically for Christian wives to get together, or Christian husbands, then this can be an excellent way to network into something more specific as far as relationship intimacy goes. You already have your target audience, and during such gatherings you can mention that you are forming a group to discuss ways to improve intimacy in your relationships. This is a great way to share Christian safe literature, discuss ways to get your spouse interested in sex, and share all other kinds of Christian healthy tips and techniques which can prove useful for better bedroom intimacy.

3. Christian Sex Books. You may be surprised as I first was, that there are a decent number of books focusing specifically on Christian sex issues. These can be extremely helpful, and they provide more privacy than the previous options. I believe that learning from others in a live setting is indeed very important and useful, but many times, especially regarding the issue of sex, it's nice to do your research in private. Look for Christian authors who place focus on what can and cannot be allowed in Christian intimacy, as well as actual tips, techniques, and positions that not only are Christian safe, but are highly effective for arousal, which in turn will satisfy and sustain a healthy, long term sex life.

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