Tuesday, May 12, 2020

How to Have Great Christian Sex

Having great Christian sex should be a staple of every Christian marriage. If your intimacy is lacking at all, you definitely need to take action to improve it. Here are some very effective tips to have great Christian sex.

1. Communicate your desires. Many problems in intimacy can be squashed simply through communicating the fact that you desire more sexual intimacy! Many times your spouse will be pleasantly surprised to hear this. In any event you will set the stage for not only more intimacy, but improved intimacy as well. The hardest part is always the communication part. Tell your spouse that you deeply desire a more exciting and intimate life.

2. Don't let the rules control you. A very common problem that holds back great Christian sex are couples getting caught up in the rules. After a while the obsession with what is allowable and what isn't controls the couple to the point where intimacy is hardly ever practiced. The only two things you should focus heavily on with Christian intimacy is safety and agreement. Make sure your sexual practice is safe and free from causing obvious harm, and be sure you both agree on your positions and technique. You can decide on details as you go along, but do not allow rules to hold back your intimacy to the point where sex is non-existent in your relationship.

3. Learn new Christian acceptable positions and technique. Very important! The lack of variety is a major problem which halts great Christian sex from occurring. There are so many pleasurable, exciting, and Christian safe positions and techniques available that you owe it to yourself and your spouse to learn, practice, and enjoy sex to the fullest using as many techniques as possible. You can easily learn accepted practices through Christian intimacy guides which are specifically written for Christian couples.

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