Saturday, June 27, 2020

How to Have the Best Christian Home Business

Many Christians have no clue on how to have the best Christian home business. They spend thousands of dollars in advertising, countless hours in front of their computer, and huge amounts of time away from their family. There are several reasons Christians get involved in a Christian homebased business but most end up quitting because they do not see the fruits of their labor manifesting.

All the training and money in the world is not producing the results they want to see. I've been there before. I've hooked up with a Christian internet business in the past that was a great company but I just didn't get anything out. You may be wondering like I was what was wrong. If you spend countless hours on your knees praying, your prayers will be answered now.

I am about to share with you the simple solution to your prayers so that you can run an effective and productive Christian homebased business. Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." Allow me to break this down so you can stop spinning your wheels in your business.

God told us if we make His kingdom our only priority everything else will be added unto us. See we mess up and think that if we put God first, seeking other things as a secondary is cool. It is not. The Hebrew meaning for first in the verse gives a connotation as first and only. So seeking the kingdom should be our only objective.

You may be wondering well how does that fit in with me having the best Christian home business. Again its very simple. Our life long mission is to seek out God's way of doing things, his will his way and always being in right standing with his government. He said if we do that then everything else will be added unto us.

If God commissioned you to run a Christian home based internet business you have to trust that he will provide what you need to survive. In my case it is qualified leads, sales, and great team members. Your case may be different. Now this doesn't excuse you from doing hard work, learning marketing strategies, building relationships, and etc. But this does excuse you from worrying. If your only focus is on seeking God's kingdom, then you don't have time to worry about leads not coming in, not making sales, no money, etc.

The perfect trade off is that everything else will be added unto us. The world says to focus on money and your business and let your thoughts become overpowered with you obsessing at reaching your goals. God says don't do it that way. Pursue me with your everything and I will add what you need. His way of doing things are so much better because the blessings of the Lord addeth no sorrow.

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