Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Power and Joy of Eternal Life

Eternal life is the power of immortality operating in a born again believer. It is not something that occurs after death. Immortality is the resurrections power of God in effect in the here and now. It is the Presence of God enthroned in the heart and soul of every true believer.

The power of eternal life provides assurance of deliverance from all forms of death and hell, including sickness, disease, poverty, hopelessness, despair, intimidation and oppression. When Christians operate with the knowledge of eternal life operating within them, the joy of life has no limitations. There is a constant stream of inner peace and harmony. But above all, the understanding of eternal life alleviates the fear of death, resulting in a freedom that cannot be explained in human words.

The revelation of eternal life gives you, as a genuine believer, a sacred attitude toward mankind. When you look at others, you will wish they could experience the same divine ecstasy that you are experiencing. So the passion and concern for the happiness of people becomes your number one priority, as it should. God did not give believers the gift of eternal life for the sake of their own progress and enjoyment. Instead, he has commanded us to go out and share this good news with the people of this world so that they can see His glory at work in the earth.

Opportunities to Share

The opportunities to share are numerous. For instance, when we simply open the door for a person, we shine as lights in the world and increase our chances for sharing the gospel of peace. When we take a bag of groceries across the street to our struggling neighbors, we increase the opportunity for presenting the good news of God's word. When we forgive those who have stolen away some significant aspect of our lives, we open up the possibility for sharing the joy of the Lord within us.

The important thing is that people will desire what you got. Your joy and gladness will be contagious wherever you go. When you are illuminated regarding eternal life, the divine aura upon you becomes so powerful that it cannot be denied. It will transform the entire atmosphere, eliminating conflict and tension and establishing peace and tranquility.

Eternal Life: Experiencing the Full Effect

In order to experience the full effect of eternal life within us, we must be determined to release all distractions that may hinder us from giving our best to God. When we let conflicts with family and friends interrupt our peace and joy, we quench the immotality within us. This suppression robs us of the peace and abundance that is characteristic of God's kingdom. As a result, we fall beneath the sacred standards that God ordained for us. God is also displeased when we allow our joy to be suppressed by the kingdom of darkness.

To protect the divine potency of immortality operating within us, we must pursue a life of release through prayer and fasting. Since the activity of release can be very difficult, we need the power of the Holy Ghost to succeed in this. The Spirit eliminates our natural emotional attachments and gives us freedom to release those people and things that are dear to us, including spouses, parents, children, friends, careers, as well as our own pride, fears and jealousies.

The Risk of Emotional Attachments

When we are attached to people and things, we can become easily distracted from the matters that pertain to eternal life, such as joy, peace and righteousness. What we must understand is that the kingdom of darkness uses our emotional attachments to stop us from sharing God's glory. Satan brings conflicts, disappointments and delays in our path when we are dependent upon people and things for our joy and happiness. However, when we release those dependencies and submit our trust in God alone, he increases our freedom and joy so that we can go beyond ourselves and spread the glory and honor of His heavenly kingdom.

If we allow the greatness of immotality become dormant within us, our inner lives will suffer pain, heartache and misery. This is the reason prayer and occasional fasting is necessary to restrain the desires of our selfish nature. Prayer and fasting allows the Spirit of God to take absolute charge over our human nature so that the divine nature of eternal life can be freely expressed within our lives and affairs.

God is waiting for those who would be delighted to walk in the presence and power of eternal life. The establishment of His kingdom on earth must not be delayed. Christian believers must rise up and allow the glory of eternal life to shine brightly in a world that is becoming darker by the day. May God's will be done through us.

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