Sunday, July 05, 2020

Can You Be a Christian and Believe in Other Religions?

There is only one God in this world (1 Corinthians 8:6; Ephesians 4:6). God is in the form of trinity which includes the Father God, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. There are many people who profess themselves as Christians but they also believe in other gods. If you profess yourself as a Christian and worship other gods as well, you will not inherit the eternal life. In Exodus 20:4 - 6, God forbids the people from making, worshiping and bowing down to idols that resemble anything in heaven or on earth. The idols are man-made. They cannot speak, see, hear, feel and walk (Psalms 115:4 - 8).

After accepting Jesus, you must get rid of the idols you used to worship in your house such as statues, charms, and paintings of pagan gods. Christians cannot visit pagan temples. It is a sin to bow down to the idol even if you don't believe in it. If you have visited temples and took photos of them, you should get rid of them. Any object that you used in worshiping pagan gods must be removed. If you want to inherit eternal life, you must dedicate yourself to God only. You must obey his words and do his commandments. You should avoid following the tradition that you used to follow in your old religion. This includes festival, rituals and other types of practices.

You must not devote yourself to anything other than God. For example, if you love money more than God, you are committing the sin of idolatry because you put money as your priority. Christians must put God as priority in their lives. You should avoid wearing beads, crystals and etc that have connection with other religions. You must not practice witchcraft. All witches and sorcerers will end up in Hell.

Many Christians read the horoscopes to find out what they should do. Christians must not look at horoscope to predict their future. Your future is in God's hand. Christians should submit every aspect of their life to God and let him take in charge of the future. You cannot use decor items that are derived from the culture of pagan religion in your homes. You must not eat food that are offered to the pagan gods. 1 Corinthians 10:18 - 22 states that we should not be participant of the demons by eating food offered to demons because it will arouse the jealousy of God.

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