Sunday, July 12, 2020

Christians and Sex - 5 Mistakes Christian Couples Make While Intimate

Christian couples make a lot of mistakes while having sex. Intimacy can be so much greater if you avoid the following 5 mistakes regarding Christians and sex.
  1. "Sex should be very brief". This is a very common mistake regarding Christian sex. It's the idea that intimacy should never last beyond 30 minutes or an hour. And once it's done, then that's it. It stems from the notion that sex is only a "desert" and you shouldn't over indulge. This makes Christian sex feel very cheap and insignificant. Intimacy among Christians should be viewed more as a main course with numerous second helpings to follow. It is a beautiful and very significant gift from God and it should be celebrated to it's fullest, not limited to side dishes with stringent time frames to consume.
  2. "We shouldn't do this position". There is a notion out there that certain positions are sinful and shouldn't be practiced. The only issue with sexual postions are whether or not they are safe and comfortable for each couple. If both are in agreement and no unhealthy or unsafe issues are present, then certain positions shouldn't be excluded from practicing intimacy.
  3. "Premature ejaculation is OK". Many Christian women will simply accept that their husband's premature ejaculation problem is normal and should not be addressed. And the men are sometimes too embarrassed to admit it is going on. Meanwhile the wife is not receiving any sexual satisfaction. You can see the problem here. It is up to the male to learn ways to last as long as he can in order to sexually satisfy his wife. If he is prone to ejaculating too early, as many men are, he should take steps to prevent this problem from occurring.
  4. "Oral sex should be avoided". This is another sinful act in the minds of some Christians. Again, we should acknowledge that as long as the act does not cause harm and is agreeable with both, then this is a strong step towards it being acceptable. Bible verse doesn't specifically ward off oral acts between two loving and married Christian couples. Some will interperet certain verses as they will and in the end it's up to the couple to do their own due diligence on the matter. But if oral sex provides a sexually satisfying bond between couples, is agreeable and safe, then it should be considered an option for intimacy.
  5. "We do the same sexual routine every time we have sex and this works for us." Here is one of the biggest mistakes Christians who do have sex on a regular basis can make. This is a recipe for boring, and even though it may seem satisfactory in the present, eventually the lack of experimentation and intimate variety will catch up and sex will seem dull. It's always good to learn new things, switch it up, include Christian safe sex toys into your intimacy, and vary positions in order to ensure that you are having an exciting sex life for years to come.

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