Thursday, August 27, 2020

Jesus Loves Me, Yes I Know

John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Can a person love one another if that love does not include their self. The value of the human life was important enough for Jesus to die for. Not that He died for the mortal body, but the eternal soul. It I think is more difficult for us as humans in the flesh to love ourselves in the way that God meant for us to. It seems a selfish thing that almost would not be Christian to do, yet is necessary and one might say even a requirement of finding the love of Jesus.

We as believers know that it is not about us, but about Jesus and the price that He paid for us. I find that in myself I feel that I am not worthy of anything that might be good for me. Acknowledging ourselves as sinners and knowing that "all have sinned and came short of the glory of God" is enough to limit our expectations for what God has for us. It would only make sense in the carnal mind that we should have nothing, be nothing and just be a concession prize for what he really came to do. It would seem that he really came to save sinners and that we are falling into that category, it really was inadvertent that he saved us. Kind of like he didn't really come for me, but I just became part of the deal. When in all truth he would do it all over again for just one of us. You that know you are not now, or then, or ever will be worthy of his love, you are the reason that he came from glory to die.
Children of the king. We all are, that accept him as our savior. In his word in the New Testament he promises us who believe in him eternal life through him. Testament is a will that would in our world and in his be a legal contract. Kind of like the housing crisis that has fell on this country in recent history. Many did not read the contract, and have recently found out that more was required of them than what they thought. Unfortunately for many it was too late and all that they had ended up being lost to those that paid the note for them.

We as Christians need to educate ourselves to what is required in the contract that God has with us. It is all here for us in His word. All up front, no small print.

Love for ourselves is as important as love for one another. I can not tell someone about the love of Christ and how that he died for them if I do not see the value of my own life. God knows each of us in our own way. He knows the ones he has called lead, those to follow, those who will just exist and love Him. All equal in His eyes as His children. He loves us all, and finds something good in each of our abilities and inabilities that we all have. I can picture God on his throne looking down on us, seeing one that He sees with great pride at the works that they do for His kingdom. Knowing that as David led tens of thousands so shall they. Another, that by faith will trust in Him to bring them through. One that will always find a strong dependency in His power. Another that may not be anything more in this world than one of his. One that will not build kingdoms or lead others, but that just knows him with their whole heart. All his children, all equal in his eyes. All loved from the same heart of God, all worthy in his eyes of going to Calvary for.

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