Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Marriage and Love Affairs

Marriage is certainly a man made institution. It is a requirement in a civilized society to identify the family and the children. It is also a solution for sexual satisfaction. Thus the marriage customs that identify a couple as one are there in all religions. It follows that Hinduism, Christianity, Islam or for that matter any other religion all have a ritual that has to be undergone to be classified as married.
But in any society there is always interaction between the opposite sexes and even if you are married this interaction and contact will always be there. In addition man is by nature not monogamous and as such there is every chance that a man though married could be attracted to another woman.

This attraction could be at your place of work where a colleague may attract you or someone in your neighborhood. Generally this attraction builds up over a period of time. Social Scientists have concluded that this attraction is in some cases inevitable as hours of work together with an opposite sex partner could lead to what we term an affair.

An affair is something like a liaison with another man or woman that could lead to sex. The reasons are myriad- a woman could be unhappy in her marriage or simply a man may be attracted to a colleague. What must be understood is that this attraction is natural and builds up over a period of time.

Having said this, it must also be understood that the protagonists of a love affair must keep their wits about themselves. They must understand that their affair if it goes deeper is likely to cause anguish to their partners. Not only can this result in break up of a marriage but in all likelihood will also cause anguish to the man and woman involved in an affair with each other.

What is the solution? Affairs are fairly common, but the participants must understand that the end result will perhaps be anguish and more anguish. Though one need not take a lesson from religion and condemn an affair, the fact is an affair can if prolonged create more problems than it solves.

In case you have had an affair the best course is to get it out of your system and concentrate on something positive like your children.That should not be difficult. Lastly do not make any confessions to your partner of any affair. Remember if a mirror cracks it cannot be ever repaired.

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