Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Fruit of the Spirit - Love

Of all the Fruit of the Spirit love is the greatest because God is love and He gave His Son Jesus because He loved the World.

Jesus said this is my commandment that you love one another. He did not give us a request but a commandment. Why is it a commandment? Because through the force of love we can quench every fiery dart of the enemy and love also covers a multitude of sins.

This type of love is not what we consider love to be. It is not the pounding of the heart or the tingling all over our bodies. This love do not retaliate when someone do us wrong, it will turn the other cheek and do well to those who hurt us. It is not selfish so it does not seek its own will but will seek the good of others first.

This type of love is not about feeling it is of action. We do not wait to feel it before we do it. It is most prevalent shown when we do not really feeling like it and Christian are commanded to walk in love; this is how the World will know us.
Showing love for others should be done on a daily base, it is not the big things that we do that show our love for others but it is in the simple everyday things that we do that shows our love.

Love is not weak at all and even though we are to turn the other cheek this does not make us weak. It makes us stronger than the one who is causing a problem for us because we will not allow ourselves to fall for their tactic, we are above it and our love proves it.

If we are walking in love, should we get angry? Yes, we can get angry and still be in love. Jesus got angry when some People were selling products in the Temple of God. He turned over their tables and made them leave the Temple. He had a righteous cause to be angry but there was no sin in His action. It was because of His love that He became angry.

Love is not puffed up or proud, it does not behave unseemly. It has the ability to draw People to us and this is a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with them.

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