Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Is God Love?

Sometimes when we are overwhelmed with things around us, we wonder where God is. Other times we wonder if he truly loves us considering what is happening around us. The answer is God is love. He loves us that he was ready to do the most painful thing in his whole entire life; Give up his Son for us to be reconciled back to him. God was ready to watch his Son crucified for our sake.

God is Love. You will find that, the whole Bible especially the New Testament can be summarized into one word Love. The first commandment God gave Moses was on Love. This means that this subject is very dear to him. God also makes it clear that if you can be able to love him, keeping the other commandments becomes very easy.

The next time you wonder if God is Love, just think of the good things that surround you. God does not let bad things happen to us without a reason. Most of the time, it is to make us better Christians and cement the relationship we have with him. You will find that whatever you go through is meant to be an encouragement to someone else in the future. God's love cannot let us fully despair when in trials and temptations. When you feel like his love for you is not evident, the best thing is to spend time in his presence. Read the Bible and pray. Soon you will realize that his love was always there, you just grew cold to it.

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