So you want a miracle? You need a miracle. Perhaps this would be the perfect time for something miraculous to happen. Like a white bearded handsome God shining a light down on you, saying "Hello down there. I remember you. Here's an olive branch with your lifeline. Hang on cause you are about to be rescued just as the crocodiles snap at your feet and the wolf is at your door." Wouldn't that be nice? A juicy ripe miracle every time we needed one. 

To be able to count on the dreams to be real, the fantasy a reality. Before we get into the core of how to create miracles, I think it would be best to define the miracle itself and then go into ways to attract your miracles. According to the dictionary, a miracle is a wonderful thing, a remarkable example or specimen. The Latin word, miraculum, means to wonder or marvel. 

Major miracles are accompanied by extraordinary elements. But in its very basic definition, that's all a miracle is. Something amazing and possibly out of the ordinary. Last week I overheard a man In line at the post office discussing what a miracle it was that he received this letter in three days. We use the word miracle to describe both the mundane and ordinary world, and the miraculous one where dreams do come true. You could go back to basics. It is a miracle that you are you at this particular time. Think back to the life you have led. 

What extraordinary events occurred to lead you to this book, this guide to catching your miracle wave? The word miracle has been applied to o Saints, healings, statues, wells o Cleaning fluids o Synchronistic events. o Parking spaces o Avoiding a near fatal crash o Intuition o Sudden insights o The discovery of fire o Light o Children o Falling in love. Lasting true love. o Hope o A helping hand o Magic o Winning the Lottery o Getting an Education o Being surrounded by loving families o Food when you are starving o The internet So what exactly is a miracle? Each of you has a different idea of what a miracle is. 

Miracles to you might be a random act of God that happens to the lucky. For others, a miracle is an unexplainable act that no human could possibly accomplish alone. Or maybe you simply define a miracle as, "something that can never happen to me." To become a saint in the Catholic Church you must have two documented miracles, such as turning a gallon of water into 1000 bottles of wine. 

Research into Church history reveals many priests had those types of skills. In fact levitation was so common in the Middle Ages, that it was forbidden to consider this act as a miracle. If your definition falls into one of these categories, or something similar, I am challenging you to set aside everything you've been told and consider that there's something more to miracles that you've yet to learn. Your life is your personal miracle.

 A miracle is not necessarily an unpredictable act of God. In truth, every one is a Miracle Maker whether they know it or not. For some of you though, you might be afraid to think of miracles as something that could happen to you because you have been told that your dreams are foolish and can't come true. 

You have had the ability within you your entire life, but hidden deeply, not accessible. Everyone is born with a mission, a destiny, a talent, and a very special gift. By tapping into the resources of your gift, you allow your vibration to shift into an intuitive mode. You become one with where you are going. 

Good Vibrations You are what you eat. You are what you think. If you want to attract the positive into your world, energize your body with healthy foods, and your mind with positive life affirming affirmations. Repeat often, "I am a miracle maker. I am a magnet for miracles." Radiate health, wealth and happiness. 

"I attract people and events to further my goals and activate my dreams." The air around us is filled with atoms and sub atoms, particles, electrons, thought waves, sound waves, light waves, angel waves, you name it, this is not empty space. Send out a negative thought and it clings to your aura or energy field for days, looking like bags of black hanging on you. 

At least, that's how it makes you feel. Heavy and weighed down. When we don't trust people we say they have a bad or evil vibration. They give off negative energy. To catch your miracle wave and allow this shift into your life, you must raise your vibration to a higher frequency. 

Love, peace, happiness, laughter shift your energy noticeably. Certain people make you feel healthier and happier just to be around. The leave you feeling changed. Look at vibration this way ... we are like antennas with electromagnetic resonance. 

The more finely tuned and sensitive our antennas, the higher frequency will resonate back. Imagine sending your antenna high up into the ethers -- into space -- to attract a "heavenly" charge. The higher you can raise your antenna, the greater the positive charge of joy, happiness and all the good feelings. Here is a great meditation exercise to raise your vibration. 

Imagine there is an antenna at the top of your drown. Increase your vibration by using this antenna as a conduit of positive electro magnet waves of energy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself raising your antenna. The higher you raise the antenna, the more positive energy will flow through you as this process works to attract energy particles. 

You become a magnet for these particles of energy that bring you exactly what you are asking for. As you raise your antenna, verbalize what you want. You can say, "I am a magnet for miracles. I am raising my vibration to attract miracles. The higher my vibration, the more miracles My life is guided, intuitive, holistic and prosperous." Feel free to say it however it best fits your life and needs. 

Each obstacle, obstructions and challenge, tests your potential and makes you stronger until you hear the call and awaken. Even if you don't believe in this, you have the ability to create miracles whether you realize it or not.

 Miracles are events that restore belief. We will believe it when we see it and see it once we believe, right? Believing in miracles takes faith, confidence and a willingness to try something new, instead of living in the same old, same old. 

A miraculous moment in time is a paradigm shift, resulting in things suddenly going your way. When I make the right decision, my heart literally sings, and I hear a whistling inside. When I am in the midst of a miracle, my entire face smiles wide, and my chest stretches with happiness and pure joy. 

What are your miracle clues? While creating your miracles, you're living your highest of selves. You're not guided by a bland, pious altruism, but by true excitement, passion and intuition. This is your core, the voice that would walk a million miles just to taste from the cup of spiritual fulfillment and have a life with meaning. This is your soul essence expressing itself on the planet. 

Miracles happen all the time, everyday, to every type of person, but you fail to recognize them as miracles. I believe that when a person is living their true, inner purpose, that is a miracle, especially since our culture is materialistic based, not mission based. Birth, for instance, is clearly a major miracle. Within seconds of experiencing the sheer agony of labor, I literally forgot my pain. Waves of ecstasy filled every cell of my being, and the pain receded into a fragment of a vague memory. You too have experienced miracles in your life, but you may not have recognized them. They don't have to be huge life altering, make Headline News, "you're not going to believe this" events. 

Miracles come in all sizes and shapes. Look for the baby miracles; tiny, small rays of sunshine in an otherwise stressful day. Keep your miracle journal and affirm daily that "I am a magnet for miracles."

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